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Welcome to Regard. We are a national provider of accommodation and specialist support to people with a learning disability and by joining us you will find your time being productive, enjoyable, hard-working but most of all you will have a positive input into the lives of the people for whom we provide services too.

Over the years, we have continued to grow and develop and it is partly due to the staff we employ. It is those staff who deliver first class, high quality care throughout the country and it’s their unconditional positive regard to others which is evident.

We all value individuals who have disabilities as citizens with equal rights and responsibilities who are entitled to be consulted in all matters when it comes to the care and support they receive.

We are committed to empowering the individual and supporting self-determination by promoting informed choice. We actively support and promote full integration within the community and an important part of your job will be to facilitate this process. It’s not easy and can be very challenging, but it is the most rewarding job that you will ever experience. We look forward to meeting you!

Please read the quotes below from our recent Investors in People inspection, following which we were delighted to be awarded Gold:

“You (Regard) strive to provide person centered care and you are focused on your staff being competent, engaged and knowledgeable.”

“You listen to your employees and act on feedback.”

“You are committed to continuous improvement and when you make improvements this is done in highly professional and well-considered way”

“As an organisation and as people, you are fully committed to Equality and Diversity. You are highly credible. E&D is in your DNA and this is a fact employees value highly”

“There is no doubt that Regard is fully committed to Equality and Diversity and draws on the strengths of a diverse staff.”

“There are many opportunities for people to develop and to progress and excellent evidence that you nurture talent.”

“People share great pride in and commitment to the success of Regard and their particular service or team. The reasons for this vary, but predominantly focus on the ethos of Regard; the quality of care; the opportunity to learn and to develop as well as career progression”

When we achieved IIP Silver in 2014 the assessor made the following comments:

“Providing work-live-balance solutions is a real strength of Regard.”

“Most managers care for their staff and are very supportive”

“Your focus on developing managers is paying off; staff confirmed that they can see greater efforts to improve the service; more discipline; better organised services and regular supervision”

“Regard is willing to use both external and internal feedback, including audits and assessments, to drive continuous improvement. The CEO is genuinely committed to the ethos of continuous improvement and is very open to feedback”

“Services have a friendly, supportive and relaxed culture, which your employees value highly.”

“The business is quite creative and uses internal and external resources to deliver training and development interventions.”

“The CEO feels passionately that it is staff that makes Regard what it is and her ongoing plans for the future are impressive, as are the swift actions taken following the last IiP assessment in November 2012.”

“Regard has a strong learning culture, which is fostered at local level and supported by top management through appropriate initiatives and programmes; needs are defined and take into account roles and responsibilities as well as the requirements of specific services.”

“The business prides itself on openness and all staff is fully committed to giving upward feedback on all matters that impact the welfare, care and quality of life of service users. Managers encourage this and staff confirmed that they will never hesitate to raise issues.”

“Regard sees its values as being core to everything, including how their employees are managed. Managers spoken to were clear what this means in practice and volunteered a number of examples in which respect and trust, support and dignity featured strongly.”

“People across the business confirmed that their line manager leads them in line with the values and that this has become stronger and more explicit over the last 18 months. They provided a number of very specific examples that underpinned their general impression.”

“Managers, spoken to by me, feel very positive about top management and find the CEO inspiring and highly motivational. They commented on her passion; integrity, sincerity and genuine care for service users and staff, whilst at the same time displaying an astute business sense. One comment sums it up for me: “The CEO is a genuinely nice and thoughtful person who cares, but still knows she is running a tough business. She is firmly committed to the service users, which for me says it all.”

Mentoring and coaching are all part of development and Regard ensures that these are freely available. RDs and LMs are expected to be coaches and mentors; peer mentoring tends to be in form of support for new starters and this is appreciated.

Please look through our careers page to see if there are any vacancies near you and download our on line application form so you can get started with us as quickly as possible.

Working for Regard

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