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Specialist Services

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Acquired Brain Injury

Regard offers care and support for adults with a traumatic or non-traumatic Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and varying degrees of cognitive, physical, Behavioural and Emotional difficulties.

Through our supported accommodation and outreach services, we provide a stepping stone for individuals to move towards a more...

Autism Services

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Learning Disabilities

We are committed to empowering individuals with Learning Disabilities by enabling them to develop daily living skills and relationships, as well as increasing their confidence.

Positive Behaviour Support Service

Regard’s Positive Behaviour Support Service (PBSS) uses a person-centred approach to design and implement short-term and long-term clinical behavioural intervention and support strategies, designed to manage and minimise challenging behaviour at a number of services within Regard.

Mental Health Services

Regard offers supported living, outreach support and residential services to individuals with Mental Health needs, allowing them an opportunity to achieve within a service of their choice.

Domiciliary Care and Outreach Services

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Individual Budgets and Direct Payments

Information on individual budgets and direct payments.