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The team at Kingsdown House, our residential service in Kent, have been praised for their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm in helping turn the service around and for their ‘unrelenting efforts to help improve the lives of the people they support’..

Andy, who was appointed the role of service manager a little over a year ago, wanted to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of his team, who recently helped the service achieve a ‘good’ CQC rating. Andy commented on his team’s success by saying;

‘Since joining Kingsdown I have seen a impressive improvement at the service and I would like to highlight some of those changes and offer my many thanks to the staff that have truly made this progress possible.

‘After receiving our CQC ‘good’ rating we continued to develop an excellent relationship with our local authority and health professionals which resulted in a quick turnaround to move in another service user within just 13 days of having a vacancy.

‘The team have undergone extensive training this year which has resulted in our e-learning statistics increasing from 67% to now 94%! This highlights their commitment to developing their own skills within the job which is always great to see.

‘The way we run our kitchen has become a lot more efficient over the last year which resulted in the food standards agency rating us a 5; the highest rating you can get and a big improvement from last year.

‘However, I am most proud of my team for their continued commitment to help improve the lives of the people we support every day at the service. Rachel, one of the people we support, for example, attends an independent living and computer course every week and is assisted by the team to get to and from her lessons. We encourage all individuals to attend a weekly music therapy and fitness session to help with their mental and physical wellbeing.

‘Everyone has worked extra hard to make Kingsdown a lovely, lively and pleasant place to work but more importantly a safe and enjoyable place for all the people we support. I would personally like to thank them for their hard work, passion and tenacity.’

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Kingsdown House will be holding an event on June 8th for Care Home Open Day, please contact the service directly for details.Specialism: Adults with