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Belinda, who lives at our Two Wells residential service, suffers with anxiety and has a learning disability. Due to her anxiety, she finds change difficult and it can take her a while to adapt to new surroundings and new people.

Despite this, Belinda is a very capable individual who is able to learn and retain new simple tasks. To support her development and put these skills into practice the team at Two Wells supported and encouraged her to think about getting a job. After thinking about it for a few weeks she decided to find a job where she would be able to utilise her cleaning skills and helpful nature.

The team at Two Wells assisted Belinda to look for work in the local community and found a work placement at a company called Employ my Ability. During a placement there she was able to mix with other individuals who have learning disabilities or additional needs which made her feel less anxious in a working environment.

Belinda took part in various duties that were suitable for her abilities and developed her skills to become more independent. These included: cleaning the facilities, washing/drying up, and helping out in the staff and community kitchen where they make and serve meals and drinks to the public.

After a few weeks of working one full day a week Belinda was offered the opportunity to become an employee of Employ my Ability and now receives payment for the work she carries out.

Belinda is thoroughly enjoying her experience and added ‘I love my job and helping people’.

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Two Wells is specifically dedicated to providing support to adults who are vulnerable and have a learning disability. The individuals that use our service require 24