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In such a hi-tech world we live in where we are constantly plugged into our smartphones and tablets, there still remains an old-fashioned nostalgia about a trip to the circus.

Nick and James, both diagnosed with autism and learning disabilities currently live in our Coneyhurst residential service in Worthing. James discovered the flyer about the circus whilst on a visit into town and was intrigued to find out more. Upon his return to the service, he was excited to show staff and others the flyer and wanted to arrange a trip. Circus Wonderland was promising a spectacular show with a ‘spellbinding blend of colour and laughter’. Everyone agreed that it sounded like a show for them.

The date was set with James, Nick, and Leanna all signed-up to attend; Justyna, Support Worker, said: ‘They were all extremely excited about the day ahead. James (who is non-verbal) showed his excitement through body language - he was looking forward to seeing all the circus acts and couldn’t wait to be part of all the fun’. Along with Justyna, Paul, Support Worker, attended and was able to support James, Nick, and Leanna along their trip whilst purchasing tickets and food on the day.

The day turned out to be a massive hit for them all as they enjoyed a number of circus acts, hula hoop acts (which Nick was thoroughly impressed by), a motorbike act, and even a human pyramid.

Justyna said: ‘Another highlight of our trip was treating ourselves to hotdogs and cups of tea which helped keep us warm. All round the trip was a great success and we can’t wait for our next adventure.’

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