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Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and Aladdin were all part of Frankie’s recent adventure to Disneyland Paris. Staff supported Frankie on his trip which was the first time he had travelled abroad. He wanted to share the experience in his own words:

‘In August of this year, I went on holiday to Disneyland Paris with two members of staff. We got the Eurostar from King’s Cross, this was the first time that I had ever been to London and I liked King’s Cross, it had the platform from Harry Potter!

The Eurostar was nice and we got to Paris in less than 3 hours! When we got to Paris we went straight to Disneyland, the first ride we went on was the Indiana Jones roller coaster. It was really fun and it went upside down! We then walked around the park and went on some more rides. We saw the Genie from Aladdin walking around and I met the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I saw Alice and she was really pretty. It was very sunny and after a long day we went back to the hotel and had a long sleep.

The next day was amazing; we spent the whole day in the Disneyland Park and the Disney Studio Park. I went on a ride called the Tower of Terror, it was the biggest ride that I have ever been on and I loved it, I found it really funny because the staff screamed! We also went on Aladdin’s magic carpet ride, the Ratatouille 3D ride, and event got to see Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, he was really funny. I saw Buzz lightyear walking around and went on the Toy Story ride, which was a giant slinky dog.

The next day was my favourite day. It was my birthday and as a surprise, the staff had booked for me to have dinner with the Disney characters. I met Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Eeyore, and Tigger. They were all really nice and I got to dance with Mickey because it was my birthday and he brought me out an ice cream cake. After dinner we walked around the Disneyland Park and went on the space mountain ride, the ‘It’s a small world ride’ and we watched the fireworks show. The fireworks were brilliant and I really loved them.

The next day was also really good as we went to a show called Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. I got a free cowboy hat and there were real cowboys on horses in the show, they also had a real buffalo. We also watched the characters parade and got to see all the Disney characters in person.

On Wednesday we had a break from the parks and headed to central Paris for a day trip. We went on a tour in a bus and then a tour on a boat. We got to go up the Eiffel tower, I was nervous as it was really high but I was happy when I got to the top as I could see all of Paris and it looked amazing, afterwards we went back to the park to watch the fireworks again. I also watched the Frozen parade, I loved this because I love the film Frozen and Princess Elsa. On the last day, we got up super early so that we could go to the Disneyland Park for the last time. I was sad as I didn’t want to leave but I got to meet Princess Tiana and her husband Prince Naveen and I also got to meet Snow White. This was the first time I have ever been abroad and it was the best holiday ever, I can’t wait to go back!’

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