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We have recently welcomed Sissy to the team at Cloverdale House. Sissy came to work here as a support worker following Regard’s recruitment ‘drive’ in Greece.

Trevor, the service manager at Cloverdale said “I had lots of communication from Sissy before she moved to England from Greece and I met her on her arrival.

We have written one-page profiles of the people we support to give a snapshot of their lives and needs as well as how they wish to be cared for. These profiles were so helpful; they complimented the time I spent talking to Sissy about each of the people we support and provided a useful memory aid for her.”

Sissy settled in quickly at Cloverdale, crucially she formed an important connection with Grace, one of the people she helps support. Grace does not like anyone touching her hair; however she has gelled so well with Sissy that hair brushing and washing has become a far pleasanter experience for everyone. Sissy is happy but, most important, Grace is happy.

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Specialism Complex care packages including adults with Autism - both high and low functioning, Epilepsy, Alternating Hemiplegia, Angelman’s Syndrome. We support service users with