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A supported living service in Crumpsall has helped one of the oldest people they support to enjoy his 80th birthday with friends, family, and nearby services.

Staff at Crescent Road wanted to organise a special party for Ron to help bring a bit of cheer and happiness into his life after his health recently started to deteriorate. Over the last year, Ron has been feeling quite under the weather and has constantly been in and out of hospital.

Molly, Senior Support Worker, said her and the team were determined to put on the ‘party of the year’ for Ron, who has lived at Crescent Road for over 19 years, one he would not be forgetting anytime soon.

Molly said, ‘We have been busy over the last few weeks planning Ron’s big 80th birthday. To ensure his day was special we organised a huge buffet, invited some of his close friends and family, and had a blast dancing to some of his favourite music with lots of laughter in the air.

‘We even made him his very own personalised cake, which he thoroughly enjoyed eating.

‘Ron loved every minute of his party. When speaking to him he stated that he had a brilliant day and was very thankful to the staff for everything they had done for him.’

Lillian, Service Manager, added ‘I would like to personally thank the team at Crescent Road and those who attended from Lansdown Road, Delaunays Road, and Great Western Street for their hard work, dedication and continued support to put on such an unforgettable day for Ron.’

Crescent Road currently has a large first-floor vacancy, if you are interested in finding out more please call Diane Carole on 07984 736457 or visit the service page below.

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