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Everyone is delighted with Lucy’s* recent progress at Harwich House. Lucy moved to Harwich House in August 2016 from her family home - she faces many challenges on a daily basis and requires a dedicated, supportive and caring team to work with her. It was a challenging start to life at Harwich House for Lucy as so much was new for her. Initially, she was not keen to have contact with staff or the other people living at the house.

However the team worked with her to understand her needs and desires. They made adaptations to the living arrangements and worked with Regard’s Positive Behaviour Team to support Lucy in the most appropriate way. Her support evolved to include the use of many sensory-orientated items such as arts and craft material which helped her to interact with everyone.

The Harwich House team are thrilled with the fantastic progress Lucy has made. She is spending much more time in the communal areas of the service and enjoys being with other people. She has also progressed to taking trips out and about with staff and particularly loves long walks on the local beach.

The Harwich House team were pleased to receive the following email from Linda, Lead Operations Manager, Lewisham AWLD:

‘Lucy’s parents were both very complimentary about the support that Craig and his team were and have been providing to her. Bearing in mind the complexity and challenges that she faces each day, it is a credit to the Regard team at Harwich house that they continue to work to support her in a very positive and caring way”.

*This name has been changed

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Specialism: Harwich House supports adults with a learning disability, including those with visual impairment, autism and complex epilepsy.Details of the vacancy: There are currently