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Reuben tells his inspirational story to recovery

“On the 19th of February 2001 I was roller blading down the hill when the lights suddenly went out. I was taken to Kings College hospital around 9:50-10pm. I was in a coma for 34 days and when I woke up I couldn’t communicate in any way. My road to recovery was very long; I had to learn things all over again like a baby. The journey to walk again took 2 years, to understand people took around 5 months, I was in and out of physio, speech and language therapy and operating theatre rooms became the norm.

I moved to Wren Park in 2009 where I got down to work. I wanted to drive, play football and be independent again (to be able to clean, go out shopping and be able to live by myself in the future). With practical and moral support from the staff at Wren Park I have overcome my fears and achieved many of my aims. The hardest part was initially having the confidence and belief that I could go back to college as an older student. The staff encouraged and helped me to study and, after many hours of revision, I achieved a BTEC level 1 in Sports Coaching which means I can now coach in various sports. The team here were so proud when I achieved 3 distinctions. I have a dream to be a successful football coach and I am working hard every day to turn this dream into a reality. I would like to thank the Wren Park staff for the help and support that brought me to this stage in my life.”

-Written by Reuben

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Specialism: Adults with a traumatic or non-traumatic ABI and varying degrees of cognitive, physical, behavioural and emotional difficulties.Details of Vacancy: Ground floor en-suite room