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Sarah from Faerdre tells the story of her visit to the House of Lords

Written by Sarah with help from Hannah

At first, I was sleeping in my bed in Faerdre and the staff came into my room to wake me up because it was London day. I got up and had a shower with support from staff. I had my breakfast. I had help packing and sorting my clothes out. We put my bags in the car. I had to wait a while before we set off, I was so excited and the waiting felt like forever and ever! We then finally set off, on the way we went through Carmarthen and we went to McDonalds my favourite place and we had food before we went all the way to London because it was quite a long journey.

When we got to the hotel, mum and dad met me. Caryl has a separate room but I shared with Angharad. I got my posh clothes on ready and then went to the House of Lords. There were presentations; they talked about Faerdre and how it works and the staff. They told my story about my life that I wrote with Hannah. It was surprising hearing my story being read out to everybody. Everyone Listened. People praised me, I was so shocked it was a bit emotional, I saw Kay she was the one who read my story, Kay’s a nice lady, she read my story well it was brilliant. I was proud of myself. We then had snacks and they took some photos of me outside the House of Lords by the river Thames it was fantastic! The pictures were with Angharad and Caryl and me. We went to an Italian restaurant afterwards with mum and dad and the girls. I had pizza one of my favourites. I went back to the hotel in the evening. I put my night clothes on and got into bed. It took me a while to get to sleep because I was chatting to Angharad about all the things I had done that day but in the end, I had a good night sleep. The next morning I went down for breakfast, I had cereal and a cooked breakfast. Mum and dad were there again and Julie and Kay met us there. They chatted to me, we had to say goodbye to mum and dad after breakfast, they went to Brynhofffnant. I got to go to Sea Life with Angharad and Caryl, it was good. I saw sharks under the surface and then inside was stingrays that came up close to us. I really enjoyed my visit. And then we went all the way back home to Faerdre, my home, and Sarah’s home and saw the rest of the residents. I am amazed by myself and proud that I went to London and I had a really good time with lots of happy memories.

Love from Sarah