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The teams at Two Wells and Northfields have always worked in partnership, providing opportunities for the people living at the two houses to get together.

Daniel lives at Northfields and has a Jar that he fills with marbles as he achieves his agreed goals. His favourite thing to celebrate filling his jar is to hire a Bouncy Castle. On a recent hot and sunny weekend, Daniel’s jar was full and he knew exactly what he wanted!

David who lives at Northfields is sadly very unwell and bed bound, but he still enjoys watching others from his bedroom window.

The people living at Two Wells wanted to make the most of the great weather and have a BBQ – some of the gentlemen wanted to make the most of the great weather with water fights.

So the Northfields and Two Wells teams put their heads together and organised a Fun Day – to be held at Northfields so that David, who is unwell and bed bound, could watch the fun and frolics from his bedroom window.

So the Bouncy Castle was hired, water pistols purchased, BBQ food prepared – and a great fun day ensued. The people we support certainly enjoyed soaked their support staff with the water pistols!

A smashing BBQ and a beer ended a lovely day; a big well done to all staff that helped put on such a great day.

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